That Kind of Day

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Laying quietly in my bed on this Monday morning I found myself listening to peaceful music and generating my mind, heart, & soul for the day ahead with my three amazing children. Then it happened. A gentle knock on the door, and Justin’s sweet voice coming through the door panel “Mommy, Ethan poo in room!”. My head exploded, and my body shot up with an adrenaline rush. I walked out and had a site to behold in the kitchen where I found Ethan pant less, diaper less, and happy as a clam (are clams really happy?). He had already gotten into a fruit & grain bar for breakfast and was smiling from ear to ear, giving me the “Mommy I’m you’re baby, you can’t be mad at me” look. Regardless I still made sure he understood he did something very bad. After getting him cleaned up and a diaper back on I cautiously opened his door to assess the...

Protected: Our Big 5th Birthday surprise for Justin!

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After months of silence and figuring out what to do with this. I have decided to make this a place where I journal my everyday blessings, encourage health & wellness, and spiritual growth. I have no idea what is really in store, only that I wish to share my heart! Here is a pretty Amaryllis flower from those bulbs I planted last year, enjoy. That’s all I have for tonight. ENJOY!